Scribo Piuma Levante fountain pen

Item no: PIUFP05PL1403

€462,81 EUR

Fill Scribo Piuma Levante. Levante and Impressione are the new colors of the Scribo Piuma series that remind us of the beautiful orange sunlight reflecting off the rippling waters of the port of Le Havre, captured at dawn by Claude Monet one morning in 1872 in his masterpiece " Impression, Soleil Levant", manifesto of impressionism. Scribo Piuma tells a story about writing tools that come to life. It is something delicate and light with the ability to pursue a goal with determination and reason, while cherishing the beauty of the unexpected with lightness and creativity.

The traditional oval shape of the Scribo Piuma fountain pen has two facets and components made of natural resin. But the real protagonist of Scribo fountain pen is the nib, a 14K EF Flex nib and 18K EF nib. Ebonite feeder and standard cartridge/convert filler. Scribo Piuma Levante fountain pen has an orange resin and is limited to 219 pieces worldwide.

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