Leonardo Furore Ginger GT Fountain pen

Item no: 8056351203616

€147,11 EUR

The Leonardo Furore Ginger is a combination of two classic colours:brown and grey, which perfectly match the cigar-shaped appearance of the Furore collection.

The Leonardo Furore Aquapetra combines the appeal of the sea with the uniqueness of the amethyst, creating a mix of fresh tones and elegance.

The Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore collection honors the colors of the Amalfi Coastal landscape, where the Italian company is based. It is a magical place, where land and sea meet, beautiful and fascinating with bright and strong colors. The vintage shape of the pen is reminiscent of the old classics, the rounded ends of the pen are well balanced both closed and with the cap on the back of the pen.

The fountain pen has a stainless steel or 14kt gold nib in different writing widths and uses the international standard cartridge/converter filling system (converter included).

A family tradition continues. With over 45 years of writing instrument experience, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Leonardo Officina Italiana works on objects inspired by emotion and the past. Looking at the old filling systems and materials that show the craftsmanship for so long. The Leonardo pens have a soul, human warmth that can only be conveyed through the passion that goes with it. Each Leonardo pen is made by hand in Italy.

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