TWSBI ECO Royal Jade fountain pen set

€78,51 EUR

The name says it all, the TWSBI Eco is one of the most affordable fountain pens available with a fixed piston. The round holder of this fountain pen is also transparent, so that the ink supply is clearly visible. Noteworthy are the faceted (hexagonal) cap and fill button. Several variants are now available.

This TWSBi Eco Royal Jade gift set is a special version with a rose gold metal trim and pocket clip. This fountain pen comes with a TWSBi Midnight Blue ink bottle in a beautiful gift box.

This fountain pen can also be completely disassembled for those who are more adventurous. A key and some grease for the piston are included in the package. The pen has a rubber 0-ring on the barrel, which acts as an additional gasket when the cap is screwed onto the pen. The nibs are made of steel, available in different writing widths.


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