Aurora 888 Volterra fountain pen (Limited edition)

Item no: 888-VVO-EF

€652,89 EUR

The Aurora 888 Volterra fountain pen is limited to 888 pieces. The second stop of Aurora's secret journey to Italy is Volterra. Famous for its ancient Etruscan historical center, not everyone knows that it is an important place for the extraction and processing of alabaster. Dating back 7 million years ago, Volterra's alabaster is the most valuable in Europe and each alabaster quarry has its own distinctive type. The processing of the alabaster is passed down from generation to generation resulting in an ancient practice that is the real secret of Volterra.

The 'Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto Volterra' has an 18kt gold nib and uses a piston filling mechanism.

The most important sense and synesthesia of this collection is hearing. Each city is accompanied by its distinct music that will make you experience the atmosphere of the place, through a QR code placed in the box. Each Limited Edition comes with a precious watercolor bookmark, which remains as a postcard in memory of the fantastic journey.

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