Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto in Italy; Baia fountain pen - Pre-order

Item no: 888-VNA-EF

€652,89 EUR

The third stop on Aurora's secret journey to Italy is Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto in Italia; Baia, Naples. For many centuries Baia was a fashionable resort for the Roman aristocracy and the Imperial family, especially towards the end of the Roman Republic. Wealthy Romans built their villas here between 100 BC and 500 AD. Baia was notorious for his hedonistic offerings and the rumors of corruption and scandal.

The lower part of the town was later submerged in the sea due to local volcanic activity, and recent underwater archeology has revealed many of the fine buildings. The largely submerged archaeological park is known for the remains of domus and villas, thermal areas, temples and mosaics. This is Baia's real secret.

The 'Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto in Italy; Baia fountain pen' has an 18kt gold nib and uses a piston filling mechanism.

This is a limited edition of 888 pens.

This fountain pen will be available from early December.

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