Conklin All American Pau Preto Rosegold fountain pen

Item no: 1773191

€100,41 EUR
With the Conklin All American Pau Preto Rosegold fountain pen, Conklin introduces the latest pen from the All American collection, the limited Pau Preto. Pau Preto is a beautiful wood material manufactured in Mozambique. The wood consists of light green, yellow and brown colors with striking wood grains. Pau Preto is so strong that it is considered one of the very best of all woods.

The All American Pau Preto collection features Conklin's original 1916 patented spring loaded rocker clip, engraved along the barrel is Conklin's trademark and All American logo. On the back of the cap is a limited edition number, exclusive to each pen. This pen is limited to 898 pieces.

All fountain pens are fitted with a smooth premium stainless steel JoWo nib with the brand name and marked with a special crescent-shaped breathing hole unique only to Conklin. The pen has an Omni-Flex nib, which allows users to widen or narrow the width of the ink line depending on the pressure applied to the pen. This nib includes coves for more flexibility. The fountain pen uses international standard ink cartridges, but comes with a converter. Each Conklin writing instrument comes in a deluxe gift box.

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