Kaweco Collection Sport 2021 Cyan fountain pen

Item no: 1512332

€20 EUR

The Kaweco Collection Sport 2021 Cyan fountain pen. Kaweco launches a new icy Kaweco Sport in the Collection series:the Cyan. This edition will be made for a limited period of time.

The Kaweco Sport is one of the few pen collections that has been popular for decades without major changes. The pen is still made based on the authentic design from 1935. A friendship that will last for generations. What is striking about the Kaweco Sport fountain pen is that it is very small. The pen is only 10.5 cm long with the cap closed, and therefore easy to store in, for example, a bag or pocket, but with the cap on the back, the pen measures 13.5 cm and fits perfectly in the hand.

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen has a steel nib made by the German company Bock Heidelberg. The fountain pen uses a Kaweco ink cartridge or converter.

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