Kaweco Sport Coral Collectors Edition fountain pen

Item no: 1512049

€21,45 EUR

At the request of the Facebook group "Kaweco Collectors & Users" a small series of Kaweco Sport fountain pens has been released called the "Coral Collectors Edition". The Coral color is inspired by the Pantone Living Coral reference, voted Pantone color PANTONE 16-1546 TPX of the year 2019. The barrel is engraved blind with the Kaweco logo and the text: 'Collectors Edition', furthermore the pen has silver colored details. as the Skyline series.e.

The surprisingly designed "Sport" is without a doubt the most important model ever launched by Kaweco. The short container is almost completely covered by the long octagonal screw cap. When the pen is closed, it can easily be carried in your pocket, with the cap on the back of the holder, the pen lies comfortably in the hand. When closed, the pen measures 10.5 cm, with the cap on the back of the barrel 13.5 cm.

The excellent writing nibs are made by Bock from Heidelberg, which also manufactures nibs for Visconti and Faber-Castell, among others. The Kaweco Sport can be filled with the small standard cartridges or with a small squeeze converter or slide converter not included. The Kaweco Sport is supplied without a clip, which can be ordered separately. For this model, choose the chrome silver-colored clip, matching the silver-colored clip cap and nib.unt.

The Kaweco Coral Collectors Edition is only available as a fountain pen and comes in a small cardboard box in a matching color.

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