Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Pura orange silver

€243,80 EUR

The Momento Zero Pura orange silver trim from Leonardo offers a nice change from the usual multicolored, complex acrylic paint that Leonardo uses for most of their pens.

Leonardo's 3 captivating PURA collection Momento Zero Grande Demonstrator fountain pens with transparent resins and a satin finish enhance the inner soul of the "Pura" fountain pen. Composed with more than 20 manually edited details.

The matte effect appears to be applied to both the outside and the inside of the pen for a consistent look across the pen. Charcoal gray, aqua blue and flame orange are the colors chosen and associated with the metal parts: gold, silver, ruthenium (black).

Size # 6 nibs with extra resistant lamination are friction mounted (not screwed) and easy to remove. Available in EF, F, M, B and Stub1.1 grades, both in steel and 14K gold. The elastic tip (F) is also only available in 14K gold.

The black ebonite feed-through and piston has a filling capacity of 1.5 ml both produced in our workshops.

Each fountain pen includes the international warranty.

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