Nakaya Cigar Piccolo Tame-Sukashi fountain pen

€1.504,13 EUR

Nakaya Cigar Piccolo finished with a Tame-Sukashi technique. Urushi lacquer is applied over a painted motif, in this case a beautifully styled quill that extends over the container and the cap. This compact small size fits just as well in the hand, without the cap having to be "posted", the latter is taboo with all Nakayas.

The design of the pen is simple and sober, no gold-plated rings and no clip. Ebonite is a light material, so the pen can be made slightly thicker without it becoming too heavy. The nibs are 14 karat gold and can be ordered in different writing widths.

Just like the pen, the packaging is simple but neat and stylish. Each pen is packed in a Paulownia wooden gift box, the pen itself comes in a small "kimono fabric" case. The fountain pen comes with a box of Platinum cartridges and a converter.r.

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