Montblanc Patron of Art Louis XIV fountain pen (1994)

€1.859,50 EUR


With its delicate splendor and extravagant details, the Patron of Art Edition Louis XIV recalls the interior decoration of the rooms and salons of Versailles, the court of the Sun King. The fine vermeil vessel - gold-plated 925 sterling silver - is surrounded by a delicate floral pattern, inspired by the world-famous gardens of Versailles.

The hand-cut nib in 18-carat gold fascinates with the carved heart-shaped hole and the finely engraved bows, a typical fashion accessory at the court of the Sun King.

Louis XIV:the"dieudonné", or"gift of God". The Sun King. He is a historically controversial figure, but he is also widely recognized for his appreciation of the fine arts. Louis XIV founded many leading European cultural academies, took a personal interest in promising, talented artists and created a building that will always be associated with his name:the Palace of Versailles.

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