Montblanc Patron of Art Semiramis fountain pen (1996)

€1.983,47 EUR

Every detail of the Patron of Art Edition Semiramis is given the same care that the great masters of ancient Babylon were known for. The barrel of Edition 4810, made of black precious resin, is surrounded by delicate gold-plated fretwork.

An inlay of Ishtar's heraldic animal adorns the elegant, elaborately decorated clip. With its delicate engraving, the 18K gold nib recalls the great age of Semiramis.

The politically astute Queen Semiramis is responsible for uniting the two countries of Babylon and Assyria to create one of the most fascinating empires of the ancient world.

Semiramis, as a lover of fine arts and patron of Nabu, the patron god of the scribes, ordered the construction of several palaces and monuments. It was under her rule that the gigantic gate of Ishtar and the legendary second wonder of the world - the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - were created.

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