Platinum Curidas Grand Red Retractable fountain pen

Item no: 1940772

€71,90 EUR

Platinum presents the Platinum Curidas Grand Red Retractable fountain pen. The hectic pace of the day forces us to rationalize, to simplify our activities, of the things we choose. With its retractable nib, the Curidas pen is the perfect example of this simplification and rationalization.

The word Curidas is a contraction of the Japanese KURIDASU, which means"to extract", and the word"curious"(curiosity).

Design-wise, the Curidas nib compartment has been reduced in size to improve airtightness and maximize the smooth flow of the ink stream at all times. The length of the nib and the position of the clip are also designed for maximum ergonomics.

The transparent plastic housing of the Curidas allows you to see the mechanism as well as the attention to detail that has gone into its construction and design to make it a practical and elegant all-purpose writing instrument.

The Platinum Curidas is made of synthetic resin and available in the following 5 colours: Gran Red, Abyss Blue, Graphite Smoke, Prism Crystal, and Urban Green.

The pen can be used with Platinum ink cartridges or a Platinum converter.

Transparent housing
Removable Clip
Full length:153mm
Weight:24 grams

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