Conklin All American Demonstrator Rose-gold LE fountain pen

€81,82 EUR €125 EUR

Conklin All American Demonstrator Rose-gold LE fountain pen. The Conklin Pen Company was founded in 1898 during the golden era of fountain pens and is still considered one of the most prominent pen manufacturers today.

This is a numbered limited edition of 1898 pieces.

Inspired by Conklin's original models and the brand's rich heritage, the new special edition All American Demo combines classic and modern to create timeless designs. Crafted from handcrafted European high-quality resin, the All American Demo has been developed to provide comfort and durability, with a carefully tapered cap and barrel. The tapered caps feature rocker style clips and the barrels are engraved with the Conklin trademark and All American logo. This special edition is suitable for those looking for a large format pen with a unique design, while remaining true to the original Conklin designs.

The fountain pen uses reliable international cartridges, a converter (included) and as a bonus a pipette is also included. A pipette is supplied with the pen for the filling system. Very simple, easy to fill. The barrel contains 5 ml of ink, so you can keep writing for a long time.

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