Opus 88 Demonstrator Fountain Pen in Colour

€73,55 EUR €108 EUR
For true purists of the writing experience, Opus 88 has made the DEMO with translucent acrylic resin. Enjoy watching the ink color of your choice slosh around the massive 3.5ml capacity of this drop-filler fountain pen. The Opus 88 Demonstrator is designed for serious fountain pen enthusiasts who like to use their pens for extremely long writing. It is one of the few modern pens with a fill-only pipette and a shut-off valve. Usually found in Japanese vintage fountain pens, the valve regulates the flow of ink to prevent the ink from bubbling up on the page.

Opus 88 Demo Pipette fountain pen Details:

Barrel and cap made of translucent acrylic resin
Nib:Stainless steel #6 nib with plastic feed
Filling system:Pipette (including glass pipette) with shut-off valve to prevent leakage.
Pen length closed:5.63 in/143 mm
Maximum pen body diameter:0.63 inch/15.9 mm
Pen Total Weight:0.9oz/23g
Ink capacity:~3.5ml
Gift box with an instruction booklet and pipette
Made in Taiwan

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