Sailor Wabi Sabi Green Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Item no: 10-2210-660-B

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The Sailor Wabi Sabi Green Limited Edition Fountain pen. The Urushi artist Wayo Shimamori has developed the 'Irogasane Sabinuri' technique to create 88 pieces of each color worldwide. Sailor is pleased to announce the first Limited Edition fountain pen models in the 'Wabi Sabi' series.

This writing instrument is inspired by special spiritual concepts from ancient Japan.
'Wabi' is the feeling at the heart of calmness, tranquility and serenity.
'Sabi' is the visual beauty of things that are humble, unconventional and unrefined. The beauty of aging and the ongoing cycle of life.
'Wabi Sabi' combines the spirit and concepts of both values.

What makes the Wabi Sabi pens extraordinary is the special attention to detail in making the writing instruments by hand. First, a Urushi underlayer is applied. When the layer has dried, the surface is polished smooth and then the Sabi layer is applied. This is polished and reapplied to create the illusion of roughness. Finally, several coats of Urushi are applied and polished for color and a metallic look.

The pen comes in a nice wooden case with converter, ink cartridges, duster and certificate. The pen has a large 21kt gold nib, available in sizes Medium or Broad.

Only 88 of each color in the Wabi Sabi line are made worldwide.

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