Aurora Ambienti Jungle Fountain Pen

Item no: 946-AJ

€892,56 EUR

The Aurora Ambienti Jungle is the third limited edition in the Ambienti collection. The Jungle Edition's cap and body are made of green mottled auroloid, inspired by the leaves of jungle plants. The metal parts of the pen are made of sterling silver. The grip has a special engraving of a leaf, which matches the theme of the pen. A sublime writing experience, thanks to the solid 18 carat gold rhodium-plated nib.

An exclusive fragrance was developed for each Ambiente, in collaboration with the oldest perfume maker in Italy. The scents are inspired by the location on which the pen is based. The information booklet that comes with the pen is impregnated with the scent that matches the pen. Each Ambiente is packaged in an elegant black lacquered box, containing a matching bright green ink.

The Aurora Ambienti Jungle fountain pen has an 18 carat gold nib and an internal piston filling system.

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