Esterbrook Estie Candy fountain pen

€297,52 EUR

Esterbrook introduces the limited edition and most special candy, the Esterbrook Estie Candy. The Candy is made using an extraordinary hand-blended Diamondcast blank made by McKenzie Penworks.

This material is a scientific treasure 200 years in the making. The blue you see is no ordinary blue, but YInMn Blue, a 2009 discovery that made history for being the first natural blue found in more than two centuries. We love it for its glorious vibrancy. It's become so popular that demand outstrips availability (this is indeed a rare pigment), but we've got a little and now you can too. And if that wasn't enough, this pen glows under blacklight for your next party trick. The neon pink in the material is really neon!

The regular fountain pen and the oversized models are available in Jowo EF, F, M, B, 1.1 stub and the latest addition to Esterbrook's Custom Nib Collection, a needle point sharpened by nibmeister Kirk Peer of Pen Realm. (Keep in mind extra delivery time for the custom Nib Collection nibs

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