Fisher Space Bullet ballpoint pen with Stylus - blue lacquer

€52,02 EUR
This Fisher Space Bullet ballpoint pen has a smooth Soft-Touch-Stylus at the end with which a tablet or smartphone can be operated comfortably. In addition, this Bullet (in ballpoint pen mode) is equipped with a rubber grip area.

When the pen is used as a stylus, it is not hindered by a clip, which significantly increases the ease of use. For those who would like to have a clip, it can be ordered separately and is easy to install. In addition, the tip of the Fisher Stylus can be replaced in case of damage, something that is not possible with many other styli.

Paul Fisher developed the first Fisher Space Pen in 1965. Previously, astronauts used regular pencils, but that was dangerous because they could easily break. After two years of testing by NASA, the Fisher Space Pen was used on board the Apollo 7 in 1968. After all, in space you have no gravity to move the ink. The Fischer Space refills have an ink reservoir that is pressurized by a gas cartridge.

With a Fisher Space Pen ballpoint pen you can not only write in space, but also under extreme weather conditions. The pen even works at 45 degrees below zero to 200 degrees Celsius above zero. If you want to write under water, you can do that too, because with the pen you can write on wet surfaces and most smooth surfaces. It also doesn't matter in which position you write, because this special pen writes from every angle.

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