Graf von Faber-Castell desk set with platinum-plated Ultimate pencil in black

€363,64 EUR
The idea for this collection arose in about 1990, when Count Anton wolfgang von Faber-Castell came into the possession of a pair of antique pencil holders from around 1850. After careful design studies these pieces were redesigned as well as possible. In 1992 this pencil cassette was the result, made from fluted wood with platinum plated accents. Several writing instruments followed, first a ballpoint pen with rotating mechanism and mechanical pencil, later also the matching fountain pen and roller. The cassette is made of alder wood and offers space for one complete "Perfect Pencil" with sharpener in the cap. In addition, there is space in the desk set for four spare pencils and four spare erasers. The cassette can be closed with a polished steel lid.

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