Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche burned orange fountain pen

Item no: 145222

€314,05 EUR
Graf von Faber-Castell, in collaboration with Kera Till, an emerging talent in the world of fashion illustration, among other things, has developed a series of new colors in the Guilloche range, complemented by matching leather goods.

This collection will be available in five fresh new colours; Electric Pink, Burned Orange, Turquoise, Olive Green and Violet. The first three colors will be available from mid-June 2017, the last two (Olive Green and Violet) are expected in the autumn.

In this Guilloche collection by Graf von Faber-Castell, the holder is made of synthetic resin. The holder has a guilloche that is mainly used for metal or silver pens, which gives these pens a special look and classic appearance. The holder is furthermore polished and lacquered by hand, making each pen unique. The cap is smooth and has a rhodium finish, just like the other fittings and is fitted with a spring-loaded clip.

The fountain pen is equipped with an 18 krt. gold rhodium plated nib and can be filled with cartridges or with the included converter. Of course, this pen comes in a nice gift box.

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