Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2018 Imperium Romanum black PVD fountain pen

Item no: 145150

€3.719,01 EUR
To offer a worthy counterweight to all that radiant white, Graf von Faber-Castell created a black POTY again this year, analogous to last year's Black Viking. For an equivalent alternative to the Statutario marble, Faber-Castell moved to the Iberian peninsula, once part of the great Roman Empire. In the Biscay region, the Nero Marquina rock was found, a black marble that perfectly contrasts intense black with pristine white veins. This black marble combines seamlessly with the anthracite gray PVD coating of the metal parts of the pen. The finish has not changed compared to the white version: The laurel wreaths, the engraving of the Colosseum and the silver Denarius can also be found in this version. For the nib of the fountain pens, Faber-Castell uses, just like last year, the 18 karat gold nib, inlaid with black ruthenium, (only available in medium). 330 of the fountain pen will be made and the roller will be 100 are made.

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