Kaweco Sport Classic Navy Blue set with leather case

€36,78 EUR
The "Sport" is without doubt the most important model ever launched by Kaweco. With the fountain pen, the short barrel is almost completely covered by the long octagonal screw cap, with the cap on the back of the barrel, the pen feels great in the hand. Closed the fountain pen measures 10.5 cm, with the cap on the back of the barrel 13.5 cm.

This Kaweco Sport is now offered as a set of fountain pen ballpoint pens in three different colors in a black leather case with medal. The Kaweco Sport models were also presented in this way in the 1930s. In a small two-piece leather case, so that the pens could easily be carried in a trouser pocket. The coin that was connected to the case with a chain turned out to be a useful advertising medium. Often the logos of companies that used the Kaweco Sport as a promotional gift appeared here.ft.

The fountain pen comes with a medium nib and can be filled with cartridges or with a converter not included.).

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