Kaweco Sport Classic Burgundy mechanical pencil 3.2 mm

Item no: 1510500

€19,42 EUR

The surprisingly designed Kaweco Sport is undoubtedly the most important model ever put on the market by Kaweco. The short barrel is almost entirely covered by the long octagonal cap. When the pen is closed it can easily be carried in the trouser pocket, with the cap placed on the back of the barrel, the pen fits comfortably in the hand. Closed the pen measures 10.5 cm, with the cap on the back of the holder 13.5 cm. 

The excellent nibs are made by the firm Bock from Heidelberg which also manufactures nibs for Visconti and Faber- Castell. The Kaweco Sport can be filled with the small standard cartridges or with a small squeeze converter (not included). The Kaweco Sport is delivered without a clip, this can be ordered separately. For the Sport Classic models, choose a goldplated clip that matches the gold-colored text on the pen and the gold clip cap and nib. 

Kaweco Sport Classic Navy GT is available as fountain pen, ballpoint pen, roller, mechanical pencil 0 , 7 mm or as a mechanical pencil 3.2 mm. 

The Kaweco Sport Skyline comes in a small cardboard box.

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