Visconti Woodstock White Dove fountain pen

Item no: KP03-03-FPEF

€611,57 EUR

The Visconti Woodstock White Dove fountain pen from the new Woodstock series by Visconti. With the Woodstock collection, Visconti takes us back in time and offers 9 different variants inspired by the psychedelic colors typical of the most famous festival in history. The music event, which is still repeated today for those who want to feel like a hippie in the late 1960s, is for everyone a symbol of freedom, self-expression, peace and love and above all:sharing.

The Woodstock fountain pen is extremely striking, fun and very unique. The special feature is the engraving"WOODSTOCK"on the cap ring, with the peace sign instead of the O's. Acrylic resin takes on new and instantly recognizable colors with a kaleidoscopic effect, for a pen that will keep the joy of that August 1969 alive forever.

The Woodstock uses Visconti's powerfiller mechanism and has a 14 kt gold nib.

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