Lamy Safari original terra red fountain pen

Item no: 1235676

€18,18 EUR

In 1980 Lamy introduced the safari in Savannah green and terra red, meant as a "school pen", this model grew into a pen for young and old.

In mid-1987, the colors savannah green and terra red disappeared from the safari series. Partly due to the introduction of new fresh colors and finishes, the model was also embraced by adult writers, draughtsmen and collectors.

The permanent collection now includes 9 collection colors and one demonstrator. In addition, no fewer than 40 Special Editions have been published worldwide in recent years. 40 years after the introduction of the first safaris, Lamy is bringing back the colors from the first hour.

The Lamy safari fountain pen is characterized by the ergonomically designed grip, the characteristic steel bracket clip and ink window. Holder and cap are made of robust plastic. The savannah green and terra red are also available as a ballpoint pen and roller.

The Lamy safari fountain pen comes with an interchangeable steel nib, which can easily be exchanged for a different size. The fountain pen comes with a blue ink cartridge, but can also be filled with the Lamy Z28 converter.

For your information, in order to guarantee the writing quality, Lamy tests all fountain pens as the last step in the production process. This may result in some blue ink remaining, but this is normal and proves that your pen has passed the final check at the factory.

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