Leuchtturm1917 120g blank/lined notebook | 4 colors

€18,14 EUR
Leuchtturm1917 releases a new series of notebooks with 120 grams paper, instead of 90 grams paper.

In these notebooks, the contours of the written or drawn content remain clearly visible, and the paper does not shine through. Regardless of the type of pen or writing instrument you use:markers, ballpoint pens, fountain pens; the 120g Edition from Leuchtturm is perfectly suited for all these writing instruments.

The 120G edition notebooks from LEUCHTTURM1917 have a hardback leatherette cover, each contains a table of contents with 203 numbered pages and is available in four different colors with lined, dotted, or blank paper.

Developed by LEUCHTTURM1917 and produced in Germany. The 120 grams paper has a smooth surface and low transparency. This means that the 120G edition notebooks can be used for different purposes!
Colour: Black - blank

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