Montblanc Diva Line Greta Garbo fountain pen 1905 LE (2006)

Item no: 36025

€3.107,44 EUR

The black barrel of this Montblanc Diva Line Greta Garbo 1905 limited edition is a lot longer than that of the"regular"Greta Garbo. The short sterling silver cap has a sleek and stylish design, with black lacquer surfaces. 16 diamonds, 0.64 carats, adorn the clip ring. On the clip itself, just above the Akoya pearl, is a small diamond, 0.02 carat. The Montblanc star is made of ivory-coloured mother-of-pearl. The fountain pen is equipped with the same nib size as in the"Mozart"collection from Montblanc. It is made of 18 kt gold and completely platinum-plated, matching the rest of the fittings on the pen. The fountain pen is filled with one cartridge, a converter does not fit (the holder is too thin for that), nor does a second spare cartridge. As with the writers series, the 4810 editions and the Donation series, we also find the namesake's signature on this collection, engraved on the top edge of the holder. The packaging is particularly stylish, like a jewelry box. The perfect gift.


18K gold.

Other writing thicknesses on request:


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