Montblanc Patron of Art Elisabeth | fountain pen (2010)

€2.231,40 EUR

Elizabeth I built 16th-century England into a world power and laid the foundation for a historic cultural era. Montblanc undoubtedly honors Britain's most famous female monarch with an edition  of the very best quality:the"Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I"is limited to 4810 fountain pens.

The brilliant lacquer of both writing instruments is modeled after the royal attire of Elizabeth I. Featuring the Tudor rose and the cross of the British crown, the royal insignia leaves their mark on the cap, which is topped off with a green cabochon on the clip. In addition, the words"Video et taceo"engraved on the cap ring recall the highest principle of the reign of Elizabeth I.

At the same time, traces of Elizabeth I's childhood can also be found:the fine carvings on the gilded fittings recall the artistic embroidery of the book"The Glass of the Sinful Soul"- the book that Elizabeth I herself designed at the age of eleven. This extraordinary edition is completed with the ivory Montblanc emblem on the cap and the royal crown engraved on the 18K gold nib.

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