Montblanc Great Characters Elvis Presley Limited Edition 1935 Rollerball

Item no: 125508

€2.603,31 EUR
Montblanc is dedicating its latest Great Characters Edition to the life and legacy of the musician whose famous live performances and extravagant outfits have fueled global music culture. Made from selected materials and fashioned by the highly skilled Montblanc craftsmen with great care and artistry. The collections pay tribute to important stages in Elvis's career: a special edition inspired by his 1968 special Comeback concert and a 1935 Limited Edition that references his time in Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley did not imitate anyone, but rather set trends, not only with his music performances, but also with his signature outfits. Everything was pure Elvis, from his tailored black leather suit, to his elaborate jumpsuits with high collars and capes down to the waist. His white "Aloha Eagle Suit" from 1973 reached near cult status with his bald eagle, the symbol of America, glittering mosaic-like in the colors of the American flag.

Montblanc Great Characters Elvis Presley Limited Edition consists of 1935 fountain pens and 1935 rollers referring to Elvis birth year. With this edition, Montblanc honors the boundless charisma of Elvis Presley, which is emphasized by the white-lacquered cap which refers to the cape that Elvis wore during his famous "Aloha from Hawaii" show. Each of the 246 painted windows are colored and filled very precisely by hand. The diamond-shaped texture on the barrel and cap is inspired by the eye-catching gold ring pattern that Elvis created for this show. The clip is made of solid gold with his initials at the top and refers to his love for V8s with the V-shape and 8-hole design.

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