Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli fountain pen

Item no: 125974

€2.438,02 EUR

The Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli fountain pen. With the Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli, Montblanc is launching a new Limited Edition that combines the art of writing with the art of tire making. The collection celebrates the know-how of the Pirelli artisans,"sgorbiatori", who painstakingly carve tire patterns by hand. It takes days to make just a single prototype. These Pirelli Masters, both technicians and engineers, make an important contribution to the research and development of Pirelli tires, in order to make the experience of driving with these tires unforgettable.

The number of pens in this limited edition refers to the year 1872, the year Pirelli was founded in Milan, Italy.
The cap is topped with the Montblanc logo in mother-of-pearl, set in onyx and a lacquered ring in the iconic Pirelli red.
A similar ring can be found on the finial of the body.
The body and cap are covered with rubber, decorated with a pattern after the famous Pirelli tires through the ages.

The 18 kt gold nib is coated with ruthenium and features the extra-wide letter P, as we know it from the Pirelli logo. This same coating is also applied to the clip and cap ring, which bear the Montblanc name.

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