Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince & The Planet Classique ballpoint pen

Item no: 125311

€433,88 EUR

The Excellence A² series and its emblematic line now feature two new models with intensely modern and original colors, the Excellence A² Brass and Iron. The Oxyd Brass model, which is slightly oxidized, sports a champagne-like color that subtly reflects light. The Excellence A² Oxyd Iron, which is even more oxidized than the Brass model, has a charcoal gray color.

For these new series, Diplomat added a modern twist to its traditional know-how. The polishing lines, which are visible on the instruments of both series, add to their rich texture and their overall brightness.

These new models come in the form of a fountain pen (14 carat gold nib and stainless steel nib), a rollerball, a ballpoint and a mechanical pencil.

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