Montblanc PIX blue CT ballpoint pen

Item no: 114810

€177,69 EUR

The Montblanc PIX blue CT ballpoint pen. Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture movement and named after Montblanc's historic PIX trademark. Broadly speaking, this particular model has been part of the Montblanc collection for decades, however, the name was changed several times, just as there were always small model changes. A few years ago the pen was called Cruise, a few years earlier Genaration and again before Classic the last two were also available as fountain pens in the past.).

The name Pix is an old Montblanc trade name that was first used with the propelling pencils of the brand from about 1930, later also with the ballpoint pens. In the past we also encountered this designation on the refills and as an additional trademark it was also placed under the clip of Montblanc writing instruments for decades.

The Pix collection is available in different colors, only as a ballpoint or roller pen fineliner. All fittings, clip and rings are platinum plated.d.

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