Montblanc Writers edition 2013 Honoré de Balzac set

Item no: 109297

€2.355,37 EUR

The Montblanc Writers edition 2013 Honoré de Balzac set. Balzac stages a number of dandies in his work and theoretically reflects on the phenomenon in Traité de la vie élégante 1830.. 

The pen has a robust design with a nod to the posture of the Balzac. The French dandyism of those days is reflected in the black glossy cap, with the matching "pinstripe" barrel as if it were a morning coat. The writer's signature is laser-engraved on the cap.

On the partly rhodium-plated medium 18 krt. gold nib, the author's initials are visible in gold in elegant letters. The basic proportions are the same as the 146 Montblanc model.

A special ink is available to match in dandy turquoise.


18K gold.

Other writing thicknesses on request:

EF, B, BB, OM, OB.

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