Montblanc Writers Edition Rudyard Kipling Ballpoint Pen (2019)

Item no: 119829

€685,95 EUR

The Montblanc Writers edition 2019 Rudyard Kipling ballpoint pen. Jungle Book is the main source of inspiration for this new Montblanc Writers edition. The green-gray color is inspired by the color of the cover of the first American edition of the book. The ornamental clip, with the head of a wolf, refers to the wolf pack. The cap is engraved with the handwritten initials of Kipling, R.K. The beginning and end of the poem "If" is engraved on the top of the cap and at the bottom of the container.

This edition includes, 10,300 ballpoint pens. In addition, sets are available consisting of a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and roller, or of a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil, each limited to 1,300 pieces.

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