Montblanc Writers Edition Victor Hugo Ballpoint Pen (2020)

Item no: 125512

€685,95 EUR

Victor Marie Hugo 1802 - 1885 was a French writer, poet, essayist and statesman and is considered one of the most important and influential French Romantic authors of the 19th century. He wrote novels, poems, plays, essays and political speeches and also left extensive correspondence.a.

He is best known for his works Les Misérables 1862 and The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1831. The Gothic design is inspired by the cathedral from the Romantic novel. The shape of the clip is inspired by that of the bell and clapper from the bell tower. Through an opening in the clip, the face of Jean Valjean, the protagonist in Les Misérables, can be found on the cap. The details on the cap are inspired by the entrance and decorations of Notre-Dame and the cap has the signature of Victor Hugo on the back.go. 

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