Montblanc Patron of Art The Prince Regent fountain pen (1995)

€1.983,47 EUR

Despite several periods of turmoil during his reign, King George IV of Great Britain managed to shape British culture to his liking with his appreciation of the fine arts. His influence is still visible today. Due to the monarch's fondness for culture, art forms from the period of his reign are known as those of the"Regency Period"

The Patron of Art Edition The Price Regent pays tribute to this British king and patron of the arts with a truly regal pen. A fascinating fretwork pattern snakes over the deep blue precious resin body of the pen - in edition 4810 this is in gold plated 925 sterling silver. The cap is adorned with a crown whose delicate composition recalls the keen eye for detail of royal craftsmen of the past. The 18-carat gold nib is decorated with a fine engraving of this insignia of the British monarchy in the Regency period.

The edition produced in his honor is suitably majestic:a net of calligraphic vermeil lines winds around the royal blue body of precious resin. The gold lines on the cap intertwine a crown that emphasizes the respect with which this historic patron is held.

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