Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo James Bond 60th Anniversary fountain pen

Item no: ISBJN1IC

€4.128,10 EUR

Montegrappa is pleased to unveil the debut silhouette of a new James Bond family of writing instruments: the 007 Spymaster Duo. The legendary James Bond film franchise celebrated its 60th anniversary on October 5, 2022. After six decades and 25 blockbuster movies, 007 needs no introduction.

Montegrappa's journey with the famous secret agent begins with a flashback to his first film: the iconic Dr. No, starring Sean Connery. The limited edition writing instrument ties in with an early scene from the 1962 classic, in which Bond is issued with his infamous .380 caliber Walther PPK pistol. This plot point crosses all elements of product design and presentation. But this edition goes beyond a simple homage to embracing spycraft - featuring two remarkable, hidden mechanical marvels and a boldly innovative cartridge-based fountain pen filling system.

007 Spymaster Duo combines a rifled, gray stainless steel cap and upper barrel with a knurled black anodized aluminum lower barrel and steel handle. However, like any good tool of the espionage trade, the true mischief is kept out of sight. A set of gray steel 007 cufflinks is concealed in the top holder and accessed via a special locking mechanism and a dummy blanking cap.

The fountain pen of this series is even more ingenious, with a revolutionary Swift-Shot filling system, specially developed for this edition. A pair of copper ink capsules resemble the 7.65mm cartridges of the Walther PPK and are refilled with Power-Push hydraulic action and a custom reload pipette supplied in aluminium/steel along with spout and flush tube accessories.

The Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo fountain pen is equipped with an 8mm, 18K ruthenium gold nib (EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1), which waves the James Bond 60th Anniversary logo.

The custom packaging included with both editions mimics a leatherette Walther PPK travel case and includes an exclusive foil-stamped notebook along with product pouches, cleaning cloth, documentation, and storage pockets. Rollerball and fountain pen editions of 380 pieces refer to the caliber of the Walther PPK. The fountain pens come with two 007 and 60th Anniversary ink bottles with blue and black ink.

Italy's first pen manufacturer, Montegrappa, began producing pens in 1912 at its factory in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Using natural celluloid and precious metals, Montegrappa combines traditional methods such as injection molding with more recent innovations such as low relief engravings to form their precious works of art. Whether Montegrappa uses colors reminiscent of the master painters, or decorations reminiscent of baroque palaces, the Italian heritage and romanticism are infused into every product.

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