Montegrappa Felicità Caramel Gold Fountain Pen

€169,42 EUR

Montegrappa is proud to present the Felicità collection.
The pen is based on the popular Fortuna family of pens, but is a more compact version, smaller in volume and ideal for your pocket or handbag.

Due to the unisex design that is pure and modern, the Felicità is also better suited for the female hand than many other pens.
Because this pen is shorter than the Fortuna model, the dimensions of the Felicità fit perfectly in a woman's clutch.

Felicità's cap and barrel are molded with fine resin with a pearlescent sheen in the following colours:pink, red, blue and beige.
All are finished with stainless steel details.

To distinguish the new family of pens from its siblings, Felicità features an octagonal monogram of Montegrappa on the cap, made of palladium.

The Montegrappa signature is engraved on the band of the cap.

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