Montegrappa Elmo 02 Asiago fountain pen

€169,42 EUR

Pens of the brand 'Elmo' were famous all over Italy in the early 20th century. Built in Montegrappa's current factory, they helped lay many of the foundations for modern writing culture. 

Expressive resin and stainless steel parts echo the signature angular lines of the Elmo 02. Helm's fluted clip design exudes 1920s panache, with early Art Deco features.

Swirling resin colors from Sorapis and Asiago offer alternatives to the formality of standard jet black. No two segments are exactly the same and all pens are unique.

The Montegrappa Elmo 02 Asiago fountain pen is available in three variants:cartridge/converter fountain pen (with six nib grades), rollerball and a slim ballpoint with twist mechanism.

Pen well:Steel

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