Nakaya Cigar 17mm Toki-Iro fountain pen

€834,71 EUR

The Nakaya Cigar 17mm Toki-Iro fountain pen with gold nib and clip is made of ebonite that is finished with a beautiful pink colored lacquer."Toki"refers to the Japanese crested bis, a bird that was once abundant in Japan but is now on the brink of extinction. Covered in a veil of pinkish-white feathers, this bird is a Japanese treasure.

Unlike the other Nakaya pens, this one contains more layers and is therefore slightly thicker (17mm) than, for example, the Portable Cigar fountain pen.

Since ancient times, mainly black and vermilion have been used as coloring material for lacquer, there is no white color available, so eggshells have been used in this series instead. The"Shiro Urushi"and"Toki"are based on this white color. In order to keep the color and lacquer quality as constant as possible, a measured amount of this lacquer has been produced with which Nakaya will produce a limited number of pens. We have subscribed to a number of these, of which this Piccolo is one ( the color shown may differ slightly).

This fountain pen has a 14K gold nib.

Just like the pen, the packaging is sober but neat and stylish. Each pen is packaged in a Paulownia wooden gift box, the pen itself is contained in a small"kimono cloth"pouch. The fountain pen comes with a box of (Platinum) ink cartridges.

If you would like another Nakaya variant in this color, please contact us about the possibilities.

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