Parker IM The Last Frontier Portal CT roller

Item no: 2152997

€72,50 EUR

The Parker IM The Last Frontier Submerge CT roller. Since its inception, Parker has been the pen of choice for intrepid explorers and forward-thinking leaders.
who have been brave enough to challenge the status quo and transcend established boundaries to achieve their goals. Parker celebrates their mindset and takes us on an epic adventure to the 3 most unknown
places known to man - the deep sea, the Arctic and outer space with its new IM Special Edition - The Last Frontier.

The collection offers glimpses of distant worlds that are both beautiful and mysterious, awakening our curiosity and fulfilling our dreams of escapism. Benefiting from Parker's expertise in fine pen crafting and innovative design, each IM The Last Frontier pen features an exclusive two-tone gradient finish complemented by an intricate pattern inspired by the latest frontiers of exploration.

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