Pelikan M101N Gray-Blue fountain pen

Item no: 811590

€413,22 EUR

Pelikan adds a new model to the historic M101N range: the M101N gray-blue.

The base for this fountain pen is the M101N model and the chosen color pattern in gray and blue recalls the historical model from the 1930s. The pen body is made from the usual cellulose acetate with a very quirky pattern. The cap, front part and end are made of high quality resin that shows a beautiful shine when used.

The typical Pelikan clip and the decorative rings are covered with palladium. The 14-karat nib has been rhodinated and, together with the clip and rings, gives the pen an elegant silver shine.

The pen is presented in an attractive gift box with a bottle of royal blue ink. The set with historical motif is therefore an excellent gift for every Pelikan enthusiast.

The 14 karat gold nib is available in 4 widths: EF, F M and B.

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