Pelikan Maki-e Seven Treasures Limited Edition fountain pen

Item no: 816 717

€2.892,56 EUR

Maki-e is the art of Japanese lacquer painting and is known for its beauty and artistry. The Pelikan Maki-e"Seven Treasures"fountain pen uses Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e which combines both Taka-Maki-e and Togidashi-Maki-e techniques. Seven treasures are mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures. The typical seven treasures are gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, giant shell, coral and agate.

The seven treasures are expressed as auspicious omen motifs on this Pelikan M1000 by drawing additional lucky items such as a treasure scroll, a treasure house lock, and cherry blossom. Because of this, the Pelikan Maki-e"Seven Treasures"fountain pen is a collection of symbols believed to bring good luck and often used for traditional Japanese designs. The Pelikan Maki-e"Seven Treasures"fountain pen is a masterpiece that combines the craftsmanship of Pelikan Germany based on 180 years of tradition and technology combined with superior Japanese traditional Maki-e painting techniques.

Each pen features the Pelikan logo on the crown, a limited edition number and the artist's signature hand-drawn using Maki-e techniques. The"Seven Treasures"is limited to 123 pieces worldwide. Each fountain pen is fitted with an 18-carat two-tone gold nib and housed in a traditional Japanese paulownia wood nib case.

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