Pelikan Souverän 600 Violet White ballpoint pen

€243,80 EUR

This M600 Violet-white Special Edition is the middle size in the Souverän series. The fountain pen is filled by means of a fixed piston mechanism, standard in the entire Souverän collection. This model is slightly smaller than the M800 and slightly larger than the M400. Still, in terms of weight, the pen most resembles the smaller Pelikan, the M400.

The traditional design of the Souverän provides a nice contrast to the bold violet stripes. The holder is partly transparent so that the ink supply is always visible. The shell of the container is unique in its kind and is manufactured according to a patented process, for example raw cotton undergoes several processing steps until a thin striped sheet of cellulose acetate is formed.

The nib is made of 14 karat gold with a rhodium mask. The familiar clip, in the shape of a pelican beak, is gilded, just like the other fittings. The M600 Turquoise white is presented in an original gift box with a striking lacing.

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