Phoenix Lacquer Art Rembrandt van Rijn

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In the series "Dutch Masters" Phoenix Lacquer Art presents two fountain pens as a follow-up to the previously released Frans Hals model; the Rembrandt van Rijn and a copy with his wife: Saskia van Uylenburgh.

Rembrandt portrayed himself about eighty times in paintings, etchings and drawings. He made some self-portraits on commission, but most of them he made for himself as study material. One fountain pen has a cutout of a self-portrait from 1640, on the other fountain pen Saskia is painted after a portrait of her from 1934, where Rembrandt painted her as Flora, the Roman goddess of spring and flowers.

Every fountain pen from Phoenix Lacquer Art is one-of-a-kind. These pens have been painted with inimitable precision, using techniques from Russian lacquer miniature art as practiced from the 16th century in Palech and Fedoskino, among others. The painting has traditionally been done in egg tempera or oil paint, applied directly to the ebonite base of the pens or to a thin sheath of gold leaf.

The base of this Phoenix Lacquer Art fountain pen comes from the Visconti factories in Italy, hand-turned from one piece of ebonite. The pens are equipped with Visconti's so-called "high-vacuum mechanism", with which the pen can be filled "in one stroke with the piston", due to the built-up vacuum. A tried and tested concept from our own house, which Visconti has used successfully for decades in the more prestigious pens limited editions.t.

The Phoenix Lacquer Art Rembrandt and Saskia fountain pens are now available, as an identical numbered set but also separately. Only seven fountain pens of each Rembrandt & amp; Saskia are manufactured.d.
Nib: 18 krt. gold
Writing thickness: Medium M.M)
Edition: 7 pieces
Year: 2013

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