Phoenix Lacquer Art set Franz Joseph I & Willem II

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To commemorate the First World War that started a century ago, phoenix presents one unique set with one of the allies of the time on each pen; Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria.

The First World War started with the assassination of Archduke Frans Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary demanded an investigation by its own people in Serbia. The Serbs refused. This was followed by an ultimatum to Serbia. When Serbia did not accept the ultimatum, Austria-Hungary mobilized its armies and the Serbs declared war. Emperor Wilhelm II had expressed his support for Franz Josef I, the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, in his ultimatum. The Serbs had support from Russia's Tsar Nicholas through a treaty. When these countries also mobilized and then declared war, a chain reaction ensued, causing several countries in Europe to declare war on each other.den.

The base of this Phoenix Lacquer Art fountain pen comes from the Visconti factories in Italy, hand-turned from one piece of ebonite. The pens are equipped with Visconti's so-called "high-vacuum mechanism", with which the pen can be filled "in one stroke with the piston", due to the built-up vacuum. A tried and tested concept from our own house, which Visconti has used successfully for decades in the more prestigious pens limited editions. The oversized nib is made of 18 karat gold.d.

Every fountain pen from Phoenix Art is one-of-a-kind. These pens have been painted with inimitable precision, using techniques from Russian lacquer miniature art. The unique First World War set is painted according to the Fedoskino school with oil paint, silver filligrain and lacquer. Only one set was made.

The pen comes packaged in a luxurious wooden lacquered set box, with certificate.

P.W. Akkerman is proud to be able to offer this unique set exclusively. This set is available from stock.

Please contact us for more information and to request this Phoenix pen.

Nib: 18 krt. gold
Writing thickness: Medium M.M)
Edition: 1 piece
Year: 2014

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