Pineider La Grande Bellezza Full Metal Jacket Midnight roller

Item no: P3102379

€157,02 EUR
Pineider has renewed the La Grande Bellezza collection. The spiritual father of this collection, Dante del Vecchio, created a new metallic UltraResin variant that has been given the name "Full Metal Jacket", in reference to the memorable Stanley Kubrick film.

"UltraResin" is an extremely durable new material. It is particularly stiff like metal and is almost unbreakable, resistant to oil, ink, changing temperatures and UV radiation.

The clip is modeled after a quill pen. The cap of the fountain pen and the roller model is fitted with a magnetic closure, the so-called "soft touch magnetic lock". This fountain pen comes in a beautiful gift box.

The history of Pineider's house begins in Florence, in Piazza della Signoria. Here they have been selling beautiful handmade paper, diaries and pens since 1774. Celebrities such as Napoleon, Stendhal and Lord Byron were customers.

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