Pininfarina Cuban Multistrato

Item no: 8033549711269

€32,23 EUR

A small Pininfarina, who has been given the name "Cuban". The pen is compact and ergonomically designed. The handcrafted barrel is made of maple wood and the ethergraph tip may represent the ashes of this special "Cuban". The packaging is as one would expect from a Cuban cigar; an aluminum tube with screw thread. The whole was designed by the Italian designer Sergio Mori.

The pen contains no ink, the nib is made of a metal alloy called 'ethergraph'. Small amounts of metal are transferred to the paper during writing. This looks like a pencil, but is smudge-free and permanent and can be used on almost any surface, and it never runs out.

The pen has a spring of 10 cm and the diameter measures 2 cm on the thickest side. The weight of the pen is 31 grams.

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