Platinum #3776 Century Fuji Shunkei Kinshu Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)

Item no: 36001

€364,46 EUR

The latest edition of Platinum's Fuji Shunkei series is the #3776 Century Kinshu. Kinshu is a glorious autumn, in which the trees turn red and resemble Nishiki, a luxurious woven fabric in which patterns are woven with gold and silver threads. To depict the fire of autumn, the pen features a flaming pattern carved into the pen. The fiery red color fits well in the autumn atmosphere and where overlaps occur, shadows are created, as can also be found with tree leaves. The smaller embellishments are very subtle and together with the gold ring it looks like gold and silver are intertwined in the pen. Inspired by the autumn colors of Mount Fuji, this fountain pen is the first pen in the collection to feature gold-colored trim.

The pen comes with a blotter card, on which the story of Kinshu is described. The serial number of the pen can also be found on the card. You will also receive a bookmark as a memento that the Fuji Shunkei series is now complete. This metal bookmark has the same size as the fountain pen and is decorated with patterns from the 5 pens in the series.

The fountain pen has a 14kt gold nib and uses a Platinum converter or Platinum ink cartridges, with the help of a special adapter it is also possible to use the European Standard International ink cartridges.

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